For the maximum efficiency and consistent touchless & brushless results, a 2-Step detergent application using higher pressure soap application is ideal. Our 2-Step detergents combined with the high pressure of our 2-Step System helps to maximize soap pressure, increase the speed of application & rinsing while reducing dwell time between soaps (without drying).

And after all, time is money and the ability to clean quickly and effectively is extremely valuable.

Foaming soap nozzles and spray cannons can reduce water consumption while soaping and help increase dwell time. However, foaming soaps can also take a lot more time and extra chemical to apply proper coverage and rinse clean.

Plus, there are only 2 ways to neutralize and remove a vehicle’s road film bond: by applying a single stage soap & using friction to break the bond OR chemically neutralizing the bond by using a combination of low & high pH detergents in our 2-step wash.

Sooner or later, repeat wash cycles with a single stage foamed soap will require friction or agitation to remove road film and prevent oxidation buildup on painted surfaces. And that means extra brushing!

Give us a call and speak with our Detergent Specialists to determine which HCS solution best suits your cleaning needs!