The rain and thunderstorms this year have been insane! We offer a few different products that help repel water, forcing it to bead up and roll away. Our Hydro-Sheen and Detergents with Rinse Aid are hydrophobic and act as a wax alternative.

This video clip is one of our work vans that was washed with Film Fighter with Rinse Aid. Many of our 2nd step detergents, (alkaline soaps) can have Rinse Aid added to the formula. In some situations you might not need to use your wipers AND it will definitely help your vehicle stay cleaner, longer.

If you want to 2 Step Wash as normal, some of our customers like to purchase the Rinse Aid separately, and it’s known as Hydro-Sheen. Hydro-Sheen breaks water quickly for maximum water removal from the vehicle surface. It creates a visible high-gloss appearance and protective coating while inhibits grime and road film to make the vehicle easier to clean the next time, acting as a wax alternative. These customers typically will use Hydro-Sheen as an additional, final step and only apply it once in a while, not with every wash.

Contact us today and ask about our Hydro-Sheen as well as other detergents with Rinse Aid!