TDS is an abbreviation for Total Dissolved Solids (in a liquid), including organic and inorganic substances. TDS is generally expressed in parts per million (ppm). The TDS measurement is a better reflection of the total mineral content of the water rather than an exact measure of water hardness.

TDS meter reading in PPM. At 250, marginally acceptable. From 350 to 450, high TDS water from tap or mineral spring. At 550 plus, US EPA maximum contamination level

A TDS meter is an excellent tool to test the quality of your water. If you’re using an RO or DI water purification system, the TDS meter is a must have!

1 ppm = 0.058 grains/US gallon

A reading of 0-50 TDS is optimal for blending your soaps and rinsing without spotting. This is 3 or fewer grains of hardness.

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