Why Fleets Should Be Washed on a Regular Basis

Truck fleets are, in a few ways, similar to the car you drive to work. They require dedicated time for cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to prevent them degrading.

However, the factors that go into maintaining a fleet vehicle add multiple layers of complexity and coordination compared to your personal vehicle. Fleets have a brand image to uphold as well as additional factors including employees, washing costs, and potentially hundreds of vehicles to manage.

We’ve worked with businesses large and small, and over the past 50 years we’ve put together a handy list of items you should consider when it comes to knowing how washing can help your fleet.

Road Film

If your fleet is constantly on the road, road film and other grime will accumulate each time your fleet is actively moving down the highway. If your fleet is often on the road, especially for long periods of time, then you should be washing as frequently as possible- at least weekly or bi-weekly.

This prevents road film from continuously building up and makes it easier to use a simple 2 Step wash without to use intensive manual scrubbing. What could have been a simple, basic wash will become a lot more labor intensive if there are many weeks or months between washes.

Image & Brand

Brand image is another great reason to wash your fleet regularly. Whether you know it or not, your company has a brand already. The biggest question is whether or not it is working for you?

Each time a fleet vehicle passes another car on the highway, it’s a chance for a ‘first impression’. It’s important that your fleet appears clean and well put together because each person you pass could be a future customer, future business partner, or a future employee.  

In addition, a truck that is more clean appears to be a better maintained truck and can reduce the chance of a DOT inspection.

Driver Satisfaction

Another reason you should care about washing a fleet regularly can seem minor but makes a big difference – driver satisfaction. A clean looking truck helps to show your employees that their workplace cares about what their product looks like and can help attract good drivers to work for your company. A dirty fleet doesn’t appeal to your driver’s sense of pride.


Your fleet might be local, regional, or national. Depending on what types of environment they travel through, the frequency of washing could have a huge impact on future maintenance and repairs. 

Do you have a fleet that is often on construction sites, building up heavy layers of soil or other debris? Removing the soil and debris will help keep the protective coating paint

Does your fleet travel in locations where they often salt or use mag chloride on their roads?  Frequent washing, especially in harsh or corrosive environments, could make a huge difference on the lifecycle of the fleet. If you can reduce corrosion, not only do you lower maintenance costs, but you also increase the lifespan at the same time.


A truck that is washed on a regular basis is a safer truck to drive. By washing a fleet frequently, it helps remove any build up that hides maintenance issues before they become a big problem. Each time it’s washed, it increases the chance that the person going through the wash or doing the washing will see a problem before it becomes a headache. 

Another issue with safety is specifically in the agricultural and biosecurity industry. Trucks that go between farms, distribution centers, and processing facilities have a chance to pick up contamination and spread infectious diseases. By washing before a truck goes to a new building, it reduces the risk of spread and is a requirement in many locations.

Cost Effective Washing

Whether you use the 2 Step Washing Process or another way to wash, just remember that a fleet should be washed regularly for all the reasons listed above; Removing road film, improving brand & image, having satisifed drivers, lowering Maintenance, and for increased safety. One of the most cost effective ways to keep your fleet washed is by using a 2 Step Process, whether it’s manually with a pressure washer and gun, or through an automated truck wash system.

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