There are two very effective ways to quickly 2-step wash fleets as a mobile fleet washer. First, you can utilize a 2-man team to work together to clean fleets. You will need 2 pressure washers between 4-5 GPM and 2 people to effectively perform this activity. The 1st washer will apply the #1 low pH soap from bottom to top in an overlapping fashion, and after 30-45 seconds of dwell time, the 2nd washer will apply the #2 high pH soap overtop of the #1 soap in the same way.

Then they will work together as a team to quickly rinse the vehicle or fleet. In this setup, you will want to make sure that the first washer that is applying the #1 presoak soap doesn’t get too far ahead of the second washer that is applying the #2 detergent because you won’t want the #1 presoak soap to dry on the vehicle’s surface.

The second method is to utilize our Pro-Control Remote System, and a 4-5 GPM pressure washer. This setup only requires 1 person to 2-step wash fleets. Utilizing the remote system and hand-held transmitter will allow you to quickly switch from the #1 soap to the #2 soap and rinse, right from the palm of your hand. This is an excellent setup for a 1-man operation or for a mobile fleet washing company that has limited employees.