2-step washing is an efficient and effective cleaning process for vehicle fleets, semis, trailers, heavy equipment, and other machinery. When performed properly and with regular frequency, 2-step washing will produce the best touchless cleaning results.

We have previously covered the topic of 2-step science & education but many customers ask us “How do I 2-step?” or “What equipment can I use to perform a 2-step wash?”

2-Step Washing Methods

The process you choose could be dictated by the equipment you already own or are looking to purchase.  If you are 2-stepping, you should also consider your cleaning factors for the best touchless results. Another important element in selecting a 2-step wash method is the size of your fleet or the number of washes to be performed within the desired amount of time. 

For larger vehicle fleets or commercial truck washes with a stationary wash facility, consider an automated 2-step wash system for your needs. An automatic drive-thru 2-step wash system is a large upfront investment that will offer the most significant way to reduce wash times and labor costs over a longer period of time and with more washes performed. 

The sections of the blog below will detail how to 2-Step wash using 2-Step Systems created specifically for this type of washing. Part 2 of Different Ways to 2-Step Fleet Wash will go into different ways to 2-Step Wash without using a 2-Step System. Hydro-Chem Systems customers use a variety of ways when manually pressure washing and 2-step cleaning. These 2-step washing techniques can be performed for mobile cleaning applications as well as in stationary wash bays.

As mentioned above and in previous blogs, for best results with your touchless 2-step process, consider ways to maximize cleaning factors. High-pressure soap application versus low pressure will perform better and more efficiently. Using warm water (100°F-120°F degrees) versus cold water will improve the 2-step cleaning reaction in most cases except for extreme heat & direct sunlight. And using treated water from a water softener, RO system, or spot-free filter will yield better results compared to using hard water.

Then they will work together as a team to quickly rinse the vehicle or fleet. In this setup, you will want to make sure that the first washer that is applying the #1 presoak soap doesn’t get too far ahead of the second washer that is applying the #2 detergent because you won’t want the #1 presoak soap to dry on the vehicle’s surface.


Single Pressure Washer - 2-Step Systems

If you are wanting to maximize the efficiency of a single pressure washer and individual labor, consider the HCS System 2-step gun or Pro Control Remote.  These systems allow the washer to change between both detergents in a 2-step process without walking back & forth to the pressure washer or requiring another individual to switch them manually.  For best results, you must use pressure washers with a minimum of 4 GPM and 1500-2000 psi & above.


2-Step Gun

The HCS System 2-step gun is unique because it will allow the washer to apply detergents with higher pressure without running chemicals through the pressure washer pump.  The user can switch instantly with our customized chemical valve system and hose sleeve because both detergents are drawn & changed at the gun away from the pressure washer.


Pro Control Remote

The Pro Control Remote also allows the washer to switch between detergents away from the pressure washer, but you will still use your chemical injector at the machine.  The Pro Control Remote can be used with upstream or downstream injection.  For best efficiency, the user will use the Pro Control Remote to switch detergents before they are finished applying each step to minimize waste.

Both the HCS System 2-step gun and Pro Control Remote will maximize the efficiency of your 2-step wash using a single machine or with a single individual’s labor.  If using multiple pressure washers, you could also employ more than one of these systems at the same time or use a secondary pressure washer to assist with rinsing.  These systems do require more initial investment along with regular maintenance but will provide amazing results and benefits.

Interested in learning how to 2-Step without a 2-Step System? Check out Part 2 or give us a call and we can help find the best way to 2-Step for your equipment and situation.

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