A pressure washer is a powerful tool that utilizes high pressure in a precise pattern to clean multiple types of surfaces, which also creates the possibility of injury. Here are some basic safety measures you can use to help prevent serious injury and get all the benefits a pressure washer can provide.

Read The Owner’s Manual

First and foremost, always read the owner’s manual that is supplied with the machine. It gives you precise information for your particular machine, including the correct accessories for the pressure washer. This includes nozzle size, hose diameter, and electrical guidelines that match up to the rating of your pressure washer. Using incorrect parts can cause the machine to malfunction and damage not only the equipment, but the operator as well.

Check For Damaged Equipment

Before starting the equipment, always inspect all aspects for worn items like the electrical cord, high pressure hose, wands, guns, and nozzles. You also want to make sure the equipment is sitting on a solid surface and that you have the correct drainage outlet available for the amount of water that will be discharged. By eliminating these hazards before you start, you will create a better and safer working environment.

Wear Protective Equipment

When operating a pressure washer, you should always wear protective equipment, including safety glasses, ear plugs, and heat resistant gloves if you are using a heated unit. This will help to prevent injury from the noise of the machine, and also the flying debris that the stream of high pressure water will cause.

Use Your Equipment Safely

Finally, some usage guidelines to protect you and everyone around you. Never aim water stream at another person or animal. The force can cause serious injury. Never put parts of your body in the stream (for instance placing your hand in front of the nozzle) to check the PSI or the heat of the water. Never operate the machine from an elevated state–there are accessories to assist you with upper-level cleaning. The machine should also never be left running unattended and should always be put away in suitable storage you are when finished using it.

Theses basic safety measures will help create an injury-free atmosphere and will allow you to get the greatest advantages from your pressure washer.

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