2022 welcomed the return of the “Fleet Wash Academy” conference with this year’s edition at the Harrah’s Casino Meeting Center in Las Vegas, NV. There were mobile fleet washing contractors ranging from less than a year to more than 30 years of experience, representing 30-40 different companies traveling from across the United States and as far away as Uruguay!

The conference is organized by Eric Trice, a mobile fleet washing contractor and entrepreneur himself.  The show itself is billed as “raising industry standards” and aims to help contractors “understand the business of fleet washing in detail.”

Hydro-Chem Systems was again a sponsor for the event and our own Chad Reiffer was also invited to present at the conference on the topic of “Fleet Wash Science.”  Other topics included “Employee Recruiting,” “Fail Your Way to Success,” “Cost of Scaling,” and a Q & A session with industry experts.

Like other businesses, attendees at the Fleet Wash Academy conference are constantly seeking out means for growing sales, increasing efficiency, improving quality, bettering consistency, and developing repeatable processes.  However, growth & success in business also walk hand-in-hand with the need for better bookkeeping, tracking costs, managing inventory, and employee recruiting, training, and retention.

Along with shows like the “Fleet Wash Academy” conference, mobile wash contractors and those interested in fleet washing continue to take advantage of YouTube, blogs, social media user forums, and a multitude of pressure washing organizations.

One of the biggest takeaways was the quote from a presenter & mobile wash business owner, Nate Farrier: “You can either RUN your business or RUIN your business, the difference is I.”  Meaning you alone as an entrepreneur cannot maintain control of all aspects of a successful & growing business.  It’s important to use resources, networking, and physical/digital tools to properly manage & scale your business.

Over 50 years ago, Hydro-Chem Systems in its original form began its journey as a mobile fleet washing company before the existence of virtual resources and in-person networking events.  As HCS has transitioned away from operating our own mobile wash contracting business, we pride ourselves on contributing our past & present experience to the success of the fleet washing industry.


About Hydro-Chem Systems

Hydro-Chem Systems continues to refine our product line, equipment solutions, and industry knowledge to provide our customers with a resource for the success of their fleet washing operations.  Our philosophy with the HCS Difference is a proven process for success with amazing results, lower cost per wash, and dedicated customer support for our wash partners. Whether you’re simply looking for better results with your fleet/industrial cleaning applications or to start/grow a successful wash business, HCS has solutions for you! 


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