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The Complete Guide to Automated Truck Wash Maintenance

Maintaining your automated wash system should be considered the same as protecting other parts of...
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How Much Money an Automatic Truck Wash Saves You

An automated or automatic truck wash can clean a fleet up to nine times faster than washing it by...
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What Wash Bay Size Will Fit Your Cleaning Needs?

Do you know how to determine the proper wash bay size for your cleaning needs?  When it comes to...
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Biosecurity Layout for Poultry & Livestock Facilities

As of April 26, 2022, North America has continued to have more cases of HPAI spreading into more...
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The Return of Bird Flu: Increasing Biosecurity through Fleet Washing

On Feb. 14, a flock of about 240,000 chickens owned by Tyson Foods Inc. in Kentucky tested positive...
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Automated Truck Wash FAQs: Basics You Need to Know

Automated truck wash systems deliver a thorough clean in a fraction of the time. In fact, it can be...
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How to Winterize Your Fleet Washing Equipment

Cold weather and cool temperatures not only make fleet washing difficult but can permanently damage...
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Automated Fleet Wash Equipment Features & Why They Matter

Why is Rinse Pump Horsepower important?
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Reducing Winter Corrosion

With winter already here, cities are being forced to put down salt (and its alternatives) much...

Why Is A Service Program Or Agreement Important?

Why is a Service program or agreement important?

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